Beauty and the Beast: The Best Trucks

Best Trucks

Anyone who has driven a pickup knows: Just driving one down the road elicits pure joy. While they aren’t typically the most luxurious vehicles, and don’t usually offer the most comfortable ride, the power that they can create, and the work they can get done, mean that countless drivers wouldn’t trade their pickup truck for anything else on the market. Fortunately, these days there are several great options for trucks that will do all the work you need while also being hospitable on the interior. Consider any of the following best trucks to be your next do-everything pickup.

Four Fantastic Trucks that You Should Test Drive

Ford F-150

This is likely the most recognizable truck on the road, and it is very popular for both personal and commercial purposes. It can be had with an ultra-powerful V8 engine, or a V6 that turns out a bit less torque but also saves quite a bit on fuel costs. Inside the cabin, the F-150 doesn’t much resemble the trucks of years gone by – it is a luxury experience that will impress any buyer.

Chevrolet Silverado

Like the Ford, this is another very recognizable truck. Many company fleets are filled up with the Silverado, which is known for offering a more refined ride than some of the competition. The seats are considered to be some of the most comfortable in any truck, and you will have an easy time going for a long drive in the Silverado. For a full-size truck, most consumers will want to pick between the F-150 and the Silverado for the best combination of reliability and performance.

Nissan Frontier

Moving down into the smaller pickup truck category, the Nissan Frontier is a truck that can double as a commuter vehicle with ease. This size truck will save you big on gas mileage, and is easier to navigate through traffic than the full-size truck options. Obviously, a smaller pickup like the Nissan Frontier will not be able to handle the big jobs like an F-150 can, so you will need to think about what you want to use the truck for before pulling the trigger on a purchasing decision.

Honda Ridgeline

In a field of trucks that all look very similar, the Ridgeline stands out as being unique. The bed area has a design that allows for several hidden storage compartments, great for those that need to haul tools, fishing poles, etc. The Ridgeline is more like a SUV-turned-truck than a true pickup truck, as it has full-sized seating for four on the inside. Not all truck buyers will like the configuration of the Ridgeline, but it has a loyal following and could be just the right balance of style and function that you need in your next truck.

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Art Woosley June 12, 2013 at 9:54 pm

The Ford Eco Boost equipped F150 gets rated 22 mpg and the little Nissan Frontier gets only 19 mpg. What is the purpose of buying a little truck if it cost more to run than a large brawny handsome F150?


J R in WV July 6, 2013 at 10:25 am

Art has a great point. In 2008 when I reached retirement, I traded a fairly new Ranger (that got 18 mpg or so) in on an F-350 SuyperDuty deisel that gets 16-17 mpg driving empty on the open road. When I tow a backhoe that goes down, but a Ranger is the size of a lifeboat for the F-350. Plus lux interior and seats and all.


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