Best Used Cars Under $10,000

Best Used Cars Under $10,000

If you are car shopping and don’t have a huge pile of cash to burn through (who does?), you might want to look into the group of vehicles that can be had for under $10,000. While $10k isn’t a large budget, it is enough to get you a nice set of wheels if you are willing to buy something that already has quite a few miles under its belt. Before you head out and purchase your next vehicle, consider the options on the list below as the best used cars under $10,000.

For Under $10,000, Get a Car You Can be Proud of

Mid-2000’s Mazda 3

Mazda is one of the more underrated car makers in the market today. Mazda is known for making cars that are both durable and fun to drive. You get a sportier experience behind the wheel of a Mazda that you do other cars in the sedan market, yet the Mazda3 still offers nice fuel economy and safety features.

Late 2000’s Kia Optima

Kia is a carmaker that has really stepped up its game in recent years. They are now a trusted brand that turns out a quality product while keeping their cars affordable at the same time. By going with a lower-priced Kia, you will be able to get a vehicle with fewer miles and still keep it under the $10,000 price tag.

Mid-2000’s Ford Fusion

The Fusion has been one of the most popular sedans year after year, and for good reason. As one of the best combinations of value and quality, this Ford car has countless fans across the country. You can expect to get solid performance all the way around from a Fusion, and there should be many available on the used market because of how popular the vehicle has been.

Mid-2000’s Scion xB

Scion vehicles fly under the radar because they don’t have the household name recognition of a Ford or Chevy, but they are great vehicles nonetheless. In fact, Scion appears at the top of some reliability lists thanks to their quality build and durable engine. The xB is a small-SUV design that will provide you with more room for passengers and cargo than the other options on this list.

There is no reason you can’t find an excellent vehicle even for a modest $10,000 budget. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can do extensive online research into various used car lots in your area before you even leave the house. When you do head out shopping, have a good idea of what you are looking for, and don’t be afraid to fight for that under-$10,000 price tag that you have your eye on.

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