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You have invested thousands buying a car. Don’t make the mistake of not maintaining it. With a little work each month, your car will run for years and hundreds of thousands of miles. Check out the Motor Pros’ articles on car maintenance.

Five Tips to Choose the Right Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic

It can be hard to find the best car mechanic. Use the following five tips and you will end up with the right car mechanic to care for your car. Choosing the right car mechanic to care for your engine is one of the most important parts of being a car owner. While there are […]

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Secrets to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

New Car

One of the reasons that it is so fun to drive a new car is that it looks great on the outside. The paint job is brand new, and there isn’t a spec of dirt on it. You can tell which car is yours in the parking lot just by looking for the sparkle under […]

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Save Money! Secrets to Boost Your Cars Fuel Efficiency

Fiel Efficiency

You can improve the gas mileage of your car. Use the five simple tips below to boost your cars fuel efficiency and the savings will quickly add up. While you aren’t likely to save more than a few pennies per gallon even if you find the best price in the area. The better plan is […]

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Tips for Car Tires

Car Tire Tips

Tires are the most neglected part of a vehicle. The five tips for car tires below will keep your tires in tip-top shape and keep you safe while driving. Only changing a tire when it is flat and needs to be replaced is a dangerous mistake, as the tires are the only part of the […]

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Mechanics’ Tips to Save You Thousands on Car Maintenance

Car Mechanics' Tips

So how do you save money on your car maintenance over the long run? These tips straight from the auto shop mechanic will guide you in the right direction. While car maintenance is expensive, it is also necessary if you are going to continue driving safely around town for many miles into the future. So […]

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