How to Find the Best Car on eBay and Save Money

Best Cars on Ebay

There are a large number of cars for sale on eBay, so browse the selection early in your car shopping process to find the best car on eBay and save money. You have probably used, or at least shopped, on eBay at some point in the past, but maybe didn’t know they had an auto section. There are actually a large number of cars for sale on eBay at any given point in time, so make sure to browse the selection early in your car shopping process to find the best car on eBay and save money.

Five Ways to Save by Purchasing a Car on eBay

Buy Local

Naturally, you can search vehicles all over the country when they are listed on eBay. And while you can have a vehicle shipped cross-country if you so choose, the cost of that shipping will likely offset any savings you might have gotten on the purchase of the car. If you can find a car you like within your local area, you will be able to get a good price by buying through eBay but will not have to be stuck with the hefty shipping rates on top of it.

Buy Lightly Used Cars

The best value can be found by purchasing cars that are less than a couple years old. You will find that these cars are significantly discounted from their original price, but don’t show very much wear yet. Also, a car of this age will still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which is a nice peace of mind for your investment.

CarFax is Your Friend

It is more than worth the subscription price to join CarFax when you are shopping online for a new car. The information that they have on every vehicle you could consider buying will be invaluable in protecting your money. If the car has had any major trauma or other issues over the years, you will find it in the CarFax report.

Don’t Fall in Love

The easiest way to overpay in an auction situation is to become obsessed with one specific vehicle and keep bidding until it is yours. That is a common mistake on eBay, whether it be for small items or large items like a car. Remember that there will always be more auctions to try and win, so set a bidding limit for yourself and don’t go over that amount no matter what.

Give them a Call

If you are a little hesitant to buy over the internet sight-unseen, a quick phone call to the seller might calm your nerves. They should be happy to answer any questions you have about the vehicle, send you extra pictures, or whatever else you might need. After a short phone conversation, you will know in your gut if you trust the person and if you want to do business with them.

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