How to Find the Cheapest Gas

Cheapest Gas

In case you haven’t heard, gas is expensive these days. And it isn’t getting any cheaper. This article offers 3 quick tips for finding the cheapest gas. Unfortunately, most of us have to buy gas and have no viable alternative for avoiding this expense. However, we can try to find the cheapest rate for each fill-up and save a few dollars over time. This articles offers you three quick tricks for finding the cheapest gas wherever you live.

Three Quick Tips to Save Money at the Pump

Pay Attention!

Most of us drive around so much that we start to gloss over our surroundings on the road – things like gas station signs for example. Make a habit of actually reading the prices on the signs when you drive by, and even write them down if you need to. When you find a lower price, stop and fill-up, even if you still have gas left in the tank. By taking the opportunistic approach and not waiting until you absolutely need gas to stop, you can take advantage of prices that are a few cents per gallon better than the average.

Use the Web

Just like everything else, gas prices have gone high-tech in the 21st century. There are many different websites and smart phone apps that track gas prices on a daily basis in most major metropolitan areas. Make a habit of checking these sources for the prices and use that information to plan when and where you will get your next few gallons of fuel. While the differences in price per gallon are likely to be very small, you can see your savings add up over time if you are diligent in your bargain hunting.

Loyalty Card Programs are Your Friend

Many grocery stores and other retail outlets now have affiliations with gas stations (or their own gas stations) and offer loyalty rewards if you consistently shop with them. This is usually the method that will get you the best returns and find you the biggest savings. You might even get up to $.10 per gallon off of your gas purchase from time to time. Pick a station that is on your daily route and always use your loyalty card when filling up.
The reality is that you are not going to save tons of money on your gas expense no matter where you go. However, if you take the time to put these tips into practice regularly, you can save a small amount of money each time you fill up, which adds up over time. Every little bit helps in today’s economy, so there is no reason not to seek out savings at every turn.

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