Is a Hybrid Right for You?

Hybrid Car

Hybrid vehicles have quickly gone from occupying a small niche in the automotive market to becoming a major player. Thanks to the rising price of gas, hybrid vehicles make more and more sense for a large number of drivers. Hybrids will save you money at the pump, and are also considered to be more environmentally friendly. However, a hybrid is not the right choice for every driver. Consider the following factors when deciding if your next vehicle should be a hybrid.

Is a Hybrid Vehicle the Right Choice for You?

What is your driving style?

While hybrids have come a long way, they are not going to be confused with muscle cars anytime soon. If you are a driver that loves to feel the rumble under the hood as you press your right foot down, a hybrid vehicle will not give you the feedback you are seeking. Hybrids run incredibly quietly, and are slow to respond to the gas pedal at low speeds. When they get up to highway speeds, most hybrids can hold their own just fine, but driving around town is where you will notice the difference in performance.

Do You Need to Haul?

Bigger vehicles like trucks and SUV’s are now being offered more commonly in hybrid engine configurations. This can be a great option is you need to move a big family around and want to save on gas – but it won’t work so well if you intend on hauling a boat or trailer. The lack of low-end power in a hybrid will make it difficult or impossible to haul your toys around, even with a large vehicle. For those who want to have towing capacity at their disposal, sticking to a regular gasoline or diesel engine is best.

Commuters Love Hybrids

The average Monday – Friday commuter is the perfect market for the hybrid vehicle segment. If this describes the way you typically use your vehicle, you should definitely consider a hybrid to save big money at the pump. You won’t be bothered by the slight drop off in performance since you are stuck in commute traffic and travelling slowly anyway. Many consumers have found it best to have one of the family vehicles be a hybrid for the commute, while the other is a traditional engine that can work a little harder when necessary.
Don’t make the mistake of overlooking hybrid vehicles just because of the stigma that was first attached to them as oversized golf carts. Modern hybrids are very capable machines that offer a lot of advantages over gasoline engines – but they are not for everyone. Think carefully about your personal needs and preferences, and decide for yourself if a hybrid would make a nice addition to your garage.

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