Reduce Your Commute: The Best Traffic Apps

Best Traffic Apps

Sitting in traffic has to be one of the worst parts of daily life for many people. There is nothing fun about inching forward in your car, wasting valuable time and burning gas along the way. While there are simply too many cars on the road and all routes are likely slow, you can use technology to find the best possible alternative for your commute. There are many traffic apps available for your phone that can analyze the road conditions and map out a course to get you to your destination as fast as possible. Below are four of the best traffic apps currently available for use on your phone.

Four Impressive Traffic Apps

Beat the Traffic

The name says it all in this free app. The on-screen map will highlight the areas of slow moving traffic, tell you just how bad the backup is, and what you best alternatives are for avoiding the mess. The color-coding of the map makes it easy to read in just a quick glance, and this app is designed to work across all phone platforms.


This app bills itself as the leader in accurate and up-to-date traffic maps for cellular devices on the market today. It uses a variety of information sources to create traffic information reports and combines it all into a very user-friendly format. Estimated travel times will be provided for you based on your current location, where you are headed, and what the traffic conditions are like between here and there. Additionally, more information is added to the maps on a monthly basis so the app continues to improve over time.


The Waze app nicely combines a navigation app and a traffic monitoring app in one tidy bundle. Waze works by crowdsourcing the information from other Waze users – that means it is constantly collecting data from other drivers on the road and compiling it into one easy to read display. The idea is incredibly powerful, because it essentially gives you access to information from other cars on the road that are going where you plan to go. The only drawback is if there are not very many Waze users where you live, the data will not be very accurate. Fortunately, it is a popular app and continues to grow and provide better information at the same time.


Sometimes, there is just no way to avoid the traffic. If there is only one route between you and your destination, and that route is backed up, you are simply going to be late. The purpose of the Twist app is to notify others of your estimated time of arrival by using its traffic data to project your trip and send the updates to individuals of your choosing. When you use this app, you will still be late, but at least others will be less annoyed when you arrive having warned them of your traffic troubles.

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