Save Money! Secrets to Boost Your Cars Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

You can improve the gas mileage of your car. Use the five simple tips below to boost your cars fuel efficiency and the savings will quickly add up. While you aren’t likely to save more than a few pennies per gallon even if you find the best price in the area. The better plan is to simply reduce the amount of fuel you use on a daily basis. While you might not be able to afford a new car right now, you can take steps to improve the mileage of the car that you currently own. Using the five simple tips below, you can boost your cars fuel efficiency and the savings will quickly start to add up.

Use Less Gas Every Day with These Five Easy Tips

Regular Tune-ups

Do you have a car that was rated for excellent gas mileage when you bought it but no longer seems to be reaching those levels? A poorly-maintained engine could be to blame. If you go too long between oil changes or filter replacements, the engine will not run as efficiently as it once did and gas mileage will be a casualty. Stay ahead of maintenance points such as air filters and spark plugs and you will be able to keep your car running at optimum levels long into the future.

Proper Inflation of All Four Tires

In general, drivers do a poor job of keeping track of the air pressure in your tires. Air pressure will inevitably be lost over time, yet most drivers don’t stop to check it or have it refilled nearly often enough. When your tires are under-inflated, the friction with the road is increased and the engine has to work harder to get you where you want to go. The result? You guessed it – lower gas mileage.

Reduce Weight in the Cabin

The overall weight of the vehicle has a direct effect on gas mileage, so don’t carry around heavy items if you don’t have to. This mostly applies to someone who drives a pickup truck and leaves large items in the backend for weeks at a time. Take heavy items out of your vehicle whenever possible and there will be a real effect at the pump.

Take off the Luggage Rack

If your car has a luggage rack on top, or any other type of attachment, it is driving with more drag than originally designed. That drag will damage your MPG numbers. Take off any extra accessories when they are not in use to optimize fuel efficiency.

Don’t Go Cheap on the Oil

Make sure you always use the grade of motor oil that is recommended in your owner’s manual when having an oil change completed (or when doing one yourself). Lower grades of oil will harm your gas mileage, in addition to not protecting your engine as well as it should. The difference in cost between grades of oil is relatively minor, so there is no reason not to use the proper stuff.

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