The Most Reliable Cars

Most Reliable Cars

While we often like to think of the sexier parts of a vehicle as the ones we care about most – horsepower, 0-60 time, technology, etc. – it is reliability that should really be on the top of our shopping lists. If you are going to invest anywhere between $20,000 – $50,000 on a new vehicle, you need to be sure that it is built for the long run and can get you a good return on your investment. Picking a vehicle with a long track record of reliable performance is the best way to protect your purchase and be confident that you will get the many years of driving pleasure that you expect.

The Most Reliable Cars on the Road Today


When pressed to guess what the most reliable brand on the roads is today, many consumers would choose Honda. Their legendary engines have been known for years to outlast the competition, and you can always feel good about investing in a Honda built product. Along with the reliability of the Honda vehicle comes an excellent record for safety, something that those with children will no-doubt appreciate.


Lexus might be known more for its luxury finishes than its reliability, but these high end cars are made to last. As a brand under the Toyota umbrella, Lexus vehicles are respected and trusted to live up to their lofty price tags. Now offering a wide variety hybrid choices in addition to their traditional gas engines, Lexus is branching out and appealing to a bigger audience than ever before.


When Kia was introduced to the American market, it was known as the cheapest option available – and it had the quality to match that reputation. Times have changed, however, and Kia now makes some of the most reliable vehicles on the road. The quality of their vehicles overall has improved as well, making the purchase of a Kia a much better decision than it would have been a decade ago.


This lesser-known car maker most famous for its funny sounding name and unique vehicle designs is actually recognized by some as the single most reliable car on the road today. Scion has a small fleet of vehicle options, but the engine that is at the heart of each of them is built to last for the long run.
The next time you head out to shop for a new vehicle, make sure you consider reliability as one of your main concerns. Even the nicest looking car in the world with all of the coolest features won’t do you much good when it is in the shop. Give the brands on this list a long look and you will be sure to end up with a car that is up for any challenge you throw at it.

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