Top Five Secrets to Save You Hundreds on Car Insurance

Car Insurance Secrets

No matter what you do, car insurance is a bill that will never go away so long as you own a car. Unlike loans that you pay off over time, you will be paying car insurance so long as you continue to drive. Because of that, it is wise to save as much money as you can on a monthly basis when covering your vehicles. While you want to save money, you also want to be properly insured in case something does happen out on the road. The following quick tips will help you to save big on your monthly car insurance bill.

Five Great Tips for Saving on Car Insurance

Shop Around

This tip is good advice for saving money in any situation, but it especially applies to car insurance. Given how easy it now is to shop for car insurance rates online, there is no excuse not to make a few extra clicks and get the best possible deal. You will find that some companies offer discounts that others do not, and you might be surprised at how low your rate can go when you give multiple agencies a chance to fight for your business.

Don’t Over-Insure an Old Car

If you are driving a vehicle that has over 100,000 miles on the engine and has been long-since paid off, don’t cover it for much value if you get in a wreck. The vehicle already has next to no value to you for a trade-in or resale, so why pay to insure it for thousands? You need to be sufficiently covered for damage you do to the vehicle of another person, but save money by covering your own old beater for less.

Accept High Deductibles

This one is a gamble, but a gamble that is worth making if you are a safe driver. By taking a policy with high deductibles, your rates will be lower on a monthly basis. If something should happen, you will have to pay more out of pocket at the time of the accident, so make sure you have money put away for that case.

Take Car Rental off Policy

If your car insurance policy includes car rental coverage, consider taking it off to save money. The odds on your ever needing that coverage, as compared to the cost of the coverage itself, make it not worth it to most drivers. Sure you might end up having to pay for a rental car, but in all likelihood you will never use this portion of the policy and your premiums will be wasted.

Bundle Your Insurance

Your auto policy is likely not the only insurance policy you have in your life. If you can insure all of your various possessions in one place (home, auto, boat, etc.), the rates will be driven down because of your loyalty. Make sure to ask about this possibility when shopping around for the best auto insurance plan.

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