Top Five Smartphone Apps for your Car

Top Apps for your Car

The five smartphone apps below will all improve your experience on the road – check them out and see if one might be a nice addition to your smartphone. Cars already have a lot of technology built right into them, and newer model cars have more and more high-tech gadgets each day. The five apps below are all designed to improve your experience out on the road – check them out and see if one might be a nice addition to your trusty smartphone.

Five Great Smartphone Apps for your Car


You can’t drive your car without putting gas in it, but you can make sure you find the best possible price in your area. The ‘iGasUp’ app includes over 100,000 gas stations in its network and will quickly show you the best possible price within a specified search area. This app makes finding cheap gas a no-brainer, and will save you time in the process.


This is a genius little app that warns you of upcoming speed traps in order to help you avoid traffic tickets. Using information collected from its users, common speed traps are highlighted on the map and you can set the app to provide audio warnings as you are approaching. The map also includes traffic cameras in its database.

Speedometer Speed Box

Ever look down and your speedometer and been unsure as to how accurate the reading really was? This simple app will track your actual speed so you can verify the reading that you are getting from the car. This is also useful for avoiding traffic tickets, as you could be driving too fast without even knowing it!


This is something of an all-around car app that tracks things like maintenance schedules, gas mileage, gas expenses, time driven, etc. If you like to keep detailed records in your life, this app will be a perfect match for you. Think of it as a file folder for the 21st Century – keeping all of your pertinent automotive information in one easy to access place.


For those of you that enjoy doing your own work on your vehicle, this app is amazing for all it can do. Instead of waiting for the onboard computer to warn you of a problem with your vehicle, this app will let you monitor the information coming from the OBD and check on performance for yourself. Check engine light came on? Use this app to read the code and potentially fix the problem yourself. While the app is only a few dollars, you will also need a Bluetooth connector to access the data, and that can run you around $100.

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