What you Don’t Know About the Honda Accord

Honda Accord

What you don’t know about the Honda Accord is a big part of the reason that you see so many of them on the road today. On the surface, it seems pretty straightforward – a quality Honda car that is reliable, efficient, and safe. However, underneath the seemingly basic package is a more complex set of features and abilities that help to make the Accord the popular choice that it is. What you don’t know about the Honda Accord is a big part of the reason that you see so many of them on the road today.

Top Five Secret Features of the Honda Accord

Optional V-6 Power

While most Accord’s on the road have the standard four cylinder engine under the hood, Honda does offer this unassuming sedan with a powerful V-6 engine. You will lose some gas mileage, but the performance increase will be significant. If you enjoy riding heavy on your right foot and zooming down the freeway, the V-6 Accord will do the job nicely.

Continuously Variable Transmission

As a way to maximize the fuel efficiency of the four cylinder Accord, Honda has recently paired it with a Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT. The CVT doesn’t work like a regular automatic where there is only 5 or 6 gears to work through. Instead, a CVT is constantly shifting and therefore only using as much gas as is absolutely necessary. The result is a smooth ride and fewer visits to the pump.

Lane Watch Blind Spot Display

Newer models of the Honda Accord feature a great new option called Lane Watch. This blind-spot monitoring system takes its cues from the turn signal and displays a view of your blind spot any time you use the signal to change lanes. Rather than taking your eyes off of the road in front of you to check the blind spot, you can quickly consult the dashboard display to see if any vehicles are in your way before completing a lane change. This feature offers the driver both convenience and safety rolled into one.

Newer Accords Have Record Trunk Space

If you have owned a Honda Accord in the past and are considering a new one, you will be impressed with the additional trunk space that has found its way into the Accord over the years. The newest version of this popular sedan has almost 16 cubic feet, plenty of room for most people to haul around whatever cargo they need for day to day life.

Road Noise is a Problem of the Past

If there is one common complaint among Honda owners it is that the vehicles have never ridden as quietly as some of the competitors. The newer versions of the Accord feature two different noise-cancellation systems which take out much of the rumble from the road that could be heard in previous versions. The ride now is pleasantly quiet and completes the overall great experience of driving this vehicle.

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CHARLES(SWVA) August 17, 2013 at 3:12 pm

Another thing that really helps with road noise reduction is loss of hearing. I think I am noticing that at 84 years of age. Honda may want to invent a harmless ear punch.

Another thing they could work on is a -1 noise reduction system which could be placed in a set of earphones for the driver to wear. Or it could just sample cabin noise and transmit -1 through the radio. You may have to shift around in your seat to make that effective.


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